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Et proton er en partikkel i en atomkjerne. Protonet er positivt ladd og består av to u-kvarker og en d-kvark. Antall protoner i kjernen bestemmer atomnummeret og derigjennom hvilket grunnstoff dette gjelder. Det er bare i hydrogenatomet at kjernen har akkurat ett proton,. Proton er et malaysisk bilmerke og bilfabrikk som ble grunnlagt i 1983 av den daværende statsminister Mahathir Mohamad.Det var landets eneste bilfabrikk fram til Perodua ble etablert i 1993. Staten eide 43% av Proton gjennom foretaket Khazanah Nasional Bhd. Mitsubishi var deleier fram til 2004. I 2012 solgte Khazanah Nasional sin andel i Proton til DRB-HICOM

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Proton-protonkjeden er en av flere fusjonsreaksjoner hvor stjerner omdanner hydrogen til helium, det fremste alternativet er CNO-syklusen.I stjerner som er like store som, eller mindre enn, solen er proton-protonkjeden den reaksjonen som omdanner mest hydrogen til helium. For å overvinne den elektrostatiske frastøtingen mellom to hydrogenkjerner kreves en stor mengde energi, og denne. Proton Holdings Berhad (PHB; informally Proton) is a Malaysian automotive company and automobile corporation active in automobile design, manufacturing, distribution and sales. Proton was established in 1983 as Malaysia's sole national badged car company until the advent of Perodua in 1993. The company is headquartered in Shah Alam, Selangor, and operates additional facilities at Proton City. The Proton-M, (Протон-М) GRAU index 8K82M or 8K82KM, is an expendable Russian heavy-lift launch vehicle derived from the Soviet-developed Proton.It is built by Khrunichev, and launched from sites 81 and 200 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.Commercial launches are marketed by International Launch Services (ILS), and generally use Site 200/39 Proton therapy is a type of external beam radiotherapy that uses ionizing radiation.In proton therapy, medical personnel use a particle accelerator to target a tumor with a beam of protons. These charged particles damage the DNA of cells, ultimately killing them by stopping their reproduction and thereby eliminating the tumor. Cancerous cells are particularly vulnerable to attacks on DNA. Et proton er en positivt ladet partikkel som danner kjernen i hydrogenatomet og som finnes i kjernen av alle andre atomer. Protoner og nøytroner, som med et fellesnavn kalles nukleoner, inngår som byggestenene i atomkjernene.

The proton-proton chain reaction, also commonly referred to as the p-p chain, is one of two known sets of nuclear fusion reactions by which stars convert hydrogen to helium. It dominates in stars with masses less than or equal to that of the Sun , [1] whereas the CNO cycle , the other known reaction, is suggested by theoretical models to dominate in stars with masses greater than about 1.3. Proton-raketten (russisk: Прото́н) (formell designasjon: UR-500) er en rakett som brukes både til kommersielle og russiske offisielle opytinger.Den første Proton-raketten ble skutt opp i 1965, og stort sett det samme systemet er i bruk i 2011, noe som gjør raketten til en av de mest suksessfulle i romfartshistorien A proton is part of an atom. They are found in the nucleus of an atom along with neutrons. The periodic table groups atoms according to how many protons they have. A single atom of hydrogen (the lightest kind of atom) is made up of an electron moving around a proton. Most of the mass of this atom is in the proton, which is almost 2000 times heavier than the electron

This page can't be edited. Edit page; New page; Restrict access; Attach file; Move page; Log i Proton - Proton. fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi. Denne artikkelen handler om protonet som en subatomisk partikkel. For annen bruk, se Proton (disambiguation). proton; Den kvark Innholdet av et proton. Den oppgave farge enkelte kvarker er vilkårlig, men alle tre fargene må være til stede Proton (Japanese: ランス Lance) is one of the four Team Rocket Executives introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver.At that time, all three male Executives were not easily distinguishable, and Proton was not given a name and visual design to distinguish him from Archer and Petrel until Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver proton (plural protons) ( physics ) A positively charged subatomic particle forming part of the nucleus of an atom and determining the atomic number of an element , composed of two up quarks and a down quark proton (fysikk, kjemi) proton; Vietnamesisk . Wikipedia på vietnamesisk: proton - leksikonoppføring Wikipedia vi. Etymologi . Dette ordet har ikke fått spesifisert noen etymologi. Hvis du kjenner opphavet til dette ordet, legg det til som beskrevet her..

Eit proton (frå gresk protos, 'først') er ein subatomær partikkel.Det er den positivt ladde partikkelen som dannar kjernen i hydrogenatomet og som saman med nøytronet, bygger opp alle andre atomkjernar.. Ladningen er like stor som elektronladningen, medan massen er 1,00728 atommasseiningar eller 1,67262·10-27 kg. Det er 1836 gongar massen til elektronet og litt lettare enn eit nøytron Det proton affinitet (PA, E PA) av et anion eller et nøytralt atom eller molekyl som er det negative av den entalpi endringen i reaksjonen mellom ovennevnte arter og proton i gassfasen:. A -+ H + → HA B + H + → BH +. Disse reaksjonene er alltid eksoterme i gassfasen, dvs. at energi frigjøres når reaksjonen går videre i den viste retningen og entalpien er negativ, mens protonaffiniteten. Proton Jon is the first, the Prime, and the center of the Jonaverse. Ever since the 'Glitch Bang' he has found his home continually hosting an ever growing number of alternate Jons. Beyond his new guests; his powers over glitches seems to have manifested outside of the games now as well

The Proton Cannon is an energy weapon that can sometimes be found by searching specific areas underwater, such as ships, planes, and the volcano.. This experimental weapon's gimmick is that it can bounce its attack to other targets, meaning it'll decimate tightly packed enemies. It's interesting to use and it definitely hurts to be on the receiving end, but it probably wasn't meant to be used. Proton (Russian: Протон) (formal designation: UR-500) is an expendable launch system used for both commercial and Russian government space launches. The first Proton rocket was launched in 1965. Modern versions of the launch system are still in use as of 2020, making it one of the most successful heavy boosters in the history of spaceflight The Proton is a Nerf blaster that was released on September 10, 2011, under the Vortex series. It comes packaged with three XLR Discs. 1 Details 1.1 Official description 1.2 Color schemes 1.3 Blaster sets 2 Reloading and firing 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 Official videos 6 References 7 External links.. Proton is one of the executives of Team Rocket. Originally, in Gold, Silver, and Crystal, he was two people-- a nameless Grunt in the Slowpoke Well, and a nameless Executive in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, he was given his own character and took on the roles of both Grunt and Executive. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Biography 3.1 Games 3.2 Other appearances 4 Sprites.

Proton bombs were powerful explosive weapons carried by bomber craft such as BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighters and TIE/sa bombers. The bombs themselves were spherical in appearance,4 although when stored in cylindrical containers, they could also be used as high-yield explosives capable of producing great damage to heavily armored vehicles such as AT-ATs.5 1 History 2 Appearances 3 Sources 4 Notes. Eit proton (frå gresk protos, 'først') er ein subatomær partikkel. Det er den positivt ladde partikkelen som dannar kjernen i hydrogenatomet og som saman med nøytronet, bygger opp alle andre atomkjernar. Proton: Kvark-strukturen til eit proton. Klassifisering: Baryon: Samansetnad: 2 oppkvark, 1 nedkvark: Gruppe

ProtonJon (real name Jonathan Wheeler), the one and only Let's Player, before Chugga came along he was one of the most famous Lper! Homeland Edit Of the three members of TheRunawayGuys Jon is the only member not to be American, instead hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada Proton is one of the eight heroes. Proton's ability allows the user to fire laser beams from the player's eyes. Each laser beam deals 12 damage and Proton is able to fire ten laser beams before having to recharge. Proton can also sprint noticeably faster than a normal player. Along with his higher sprinting speed, Proton has a high-jumping ability that can be activated by pressing the. 1 Overview 2 Tactics 3 Trivia 4 Changes Proton is an enemy created by Sebastien432. It has a big plus at its torso. It is a fully neon enemy. It is a really passive enemy with 1600 health. This enemy does not have any ability. Future Base deals heavy damage and can spawns G-14 with 100 health that can easily wipe out these enemies instantly. Terminator and Engineer deals good damage with good. Proton Backpack is a gun that fires a slow, homing laser stream. It locks onto enemies once it hits. 1 Notes 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 See also Electron Pack - If the player also has Zombie Bullets or Ghost Bullets, kills with the Proton Backpack spawn Gunslinger's Ashes ghosts that attack enemies. The lock-on feature makes the gun ideal for bosses and strong mobs. This gun is a reference to the.

Proton magnetometer i arkeologi I 1958 brukte Glenn A. Black og Eli Lilly, etter arbeidet med MJ Aitken og hans medarbeidere ved Oxford University (UK) Archaeometric Laboratory, protonmagnetometre for å lokalisere og kartlegge nedgravde arkeologiske trekk, inkludert jerngjenstander i jorden, termoremanent magnetisering av fyrte leire, og forskjeller i magnetisk følsomhet for forstyrret jord The Proton is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Revolutionist at level 45. 1 Design 2 Technical 3 Upgrades 4 Strategy 4.1 As the Proton 4.2 Against the Proton 5 Trivia 6 Gallery The Proton has a black ring around it with 3 black balls distributed around the ring evenly. The Proton has a basic barrel. The Proton's barrel is identical to the Basic. Its ring has 3 balls that orbit around it. Proton Snap is a set modmod that grants Toxin damage and increased Status Chance after holding a Wall Latch for two seconds. When equipped simultaneously with other Proton set mods, a set bonus is activated; during a Wall Latch gain up to 50% Damage Reduction. Despite its description, Proton Snap adds 50 percentage points to a melee weapon's status chance after other bonuses. For example, a. The Proton Pack is the primary ghost capturing device used by the Ghostbusters. 1 History 1.1 Function & Use 1.2 Primary Canon 1.3 Secondary Canon 1.4 IDW Comics 1.5 Inconsistencies 2 Known Variants 3 Secondary Canon History 3.1 Proton Pack in the Animated Series 3.2 IDW Comics 3.3 Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime 4 Trivia 5 Also See 6 Appearances 6.1 Primary Canon Appearances 6.2 Secondary. Proton SDK is Seth's GL/GLES messy multi-platform C++ game SDK. Can output to Windows, Linux (including the Raspberry Pi), HTML5, OS X, iOS, Android. Free and open source. A component based toolbox of useful things built up over the last ten years

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proton n (bunde eintal protonet, ubunde fleirtal proton, bunde fleirtal protona) positivt ladd partikkel som er med på å danna atomkjernar, er sett saman av to oppkvarkar og éin nedkvark ENGELSK; anbefalt/tilrådd term: proton: referanse: Richard C. Bauer et al. 2009 Introduction to Chemistry 2. utg. McGraw-Hill Higher Educatio Proton Rifle is the title of a group of common sniper rifles in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Maliwan. The Proton Rifle is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source. The Proton Rifle can be charged to increase damage, without increasing ammo consumption. Uncharged, it does regular damage based on the stats on the item card. Fully charged, all damage is multiplied by ×2, including status. The proton axe is a weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues. 1 Characteristics 1.1 Special attack 1.2 Durability 2 Variants 2.1 Comparison 3 Locations 4 Notes 5 Behind the scenes 6 Sounds 7 Gallery The proton axe resembles a futuristic war-axe with a glowing blue blade of electrical energy at its head. On the other side it has two capacitors which also share the same blue. Proton-protonkjeden; Protonveien (Oslo) Dette er en pekerside, og inneholder kun pekere til forskjellige betydninger av dette ordet. Hvis du har fulgt en lenke hit, kan du kanskje gå tilbake og rette den så den peker direkte til riktig artikkel

Professor Proton having fun with his new light saber. In the episode The Proton Transmogrification, our beloved professor passes away and Sheldon silently mourns his hero while Leonard and Penny attend the funeral.Soon, Sheldon sees him reappear, he is then regarded as Sheldon's Obi Wan though Arthur is not aware about the Star Wars' characters. . First he appears wearing his usual business. garage.wiki is a community driven DIY car service knowledge base. Decided to service your Proton by yourself? Here you can find Proton technical fluid and oil capacities, engines, transmissions, gearboxes specifications and repair data This is a Fandom Wiki dedicated to Proton Bus Simulator.. We are currently editing most of the articles. You may freely edit or create content Proton torpedoes were used during the Battle of Naboo by N-1 starfighter pilots. After Anakin Skywalker crash-landed in the Droid Control Ship, he initiated a restart of his fighter and defended himself by firing laser cannons at Trade Federation battle droids, and accidentally destroyed the control ship by unintentionally firing two proton torpedoes into its starboard pilot reactor

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Proton grenades, also known as proton charges, were small packets of explosives that were either thrown by hand, loaded into mortars, and sometimes loaded into a ship's bombing bay.These grenades were activated by flipping a small switch on one side, and exploded on contact. In 23 BBY, before the Clone Wars, 18-year-old Anakin Skywalker used a hypermatter reactor-planted proton grenade to. You may also be looking for Captain Proton. The proton is a subatomic particle, a type of hadron and baryon. Together with neutrons and electrons, protons make up atoms. The hydrogen atom consisted of an electron circling a proton. (TNG: Night Terrors) Cosmic strings were no wider than a proton, but had gravitational fields as powerful as a black hole. (TNG: The Loss) Protons were found in. Proton Jet is a set modmod that grants increased critical chance and status chance during a Wall Latch. When equipped simultaneously with other Proton set mods, a set bonus is activated; during a Wall Latch gain up to 50% Damage Reduction. Critical chance and status chance are only granted to the player's rifle. EquippingProton Jeton a sentinel riflewill grant the damage reduction set bonus to.

Proton Holdings Bhd 普腾控股有限公司 (Chinese) ப்றொடொன் (Tamil) /caption Type Public (Bursa Malaysia: PROTON)Founded 1983Headquarters Subang Jaya and Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan MalaysiaKey people Syed Zainal Abidin (Managing Director)Industry AutomotiveProducts Car, Automotive PartsRevenue (turnover) RM8.23 billion MYR 2009Net income RM240 million MYR 2009Total. For other uses, see Captain Proton. Captain Proton was the fictional lead character in a series of early-20th century media productions collectively known as The Adventures of Captain Proton. Captain Proton stories included short films, prose publications, and radio plays. (VOY episode: Night; VOY anthology: Captain Proton: Defender of the Earth; DS9 short story: Captain Proton and the Orb. Den Proton Tiara er en malaysisk bil basert på Citroën AX, bygget på lisens av bilprodusenten Proton mellom 1996 og 2000.. Historie. Opprettelsen av Tiara var resultatet av en avtale i midten av 1990-årene, mellom Protons daværende administrerende direktør, Yahaya Ahmad, og PSA Peugeot Citroën, produsent av Citroën og Peugeot-kjøretøy. Yahaya hadde uttrykt ønsker om at Proton ikke. Designed in 1984 by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz, the Proton Pack counters the negative energy which ghosts are made of. The Proton Stream emits from the induction nozzle on the Particle Thrower.1 A Proton Stream, is a stream of positively charged ions which can harness a ghost. The Proton Stream is very dangerous and barely controllable. Egon has also mentioned that crossing Proton Streams.

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  1. Salvaged Proton Limiter is a component used for constructing mech parts.It can be found as treasure, or as an item drop in Moderate Threat Level space encounters. It's used to craft the tier 5 mech components.. It can be used in combination with other ingredients at a Mech Part Crafting Table
  2. By Prof. L. Kaliambos (Natural Philosopher in New Energy) July 13, 2015 After my published paper Nuclear structure is governed by the fundamental laws of electromagnetism (2003) based on the discovered quarks by Gell-Mann and Zweig today it is well known that the new structure of protons and neutrons is given by proton = [93(dud) + 5d + 4u ] = 288 quarks = mass of 1836.15 electron
  3. ologi: bruksområde: Kjemi: ansvarlig/ansvarleg: Faggruppe for kjemisk ter
  4. Invented by Egon Spengler and built by Ray Stantz, the Proton Pack functioned much like in the movie counterpart. If you want to learn more on the movie version of the Proton Pack, please go here. Likewise, a hose connects the pack to the Particle Thrower. 1 History 1.1 Primary Canon 1.2 Pre-dated both shows 1.3 The Real Ghostbusters 1.4 Extreme Ghostbusters 1.5 Secondary Canon 1.6 IDW Comics.
  5. The proton bomb, space bomb, or heavy space bomb, was a large energy explosive device used in space combat and orbital bombardment. They were most effective against fixed or slow moving targets such as fortifications, space stations, and capital ships.These energy weapons often emitted the signature blue glow of proton torpedoes.Handheld explosives were termed proton grenades
  6. The Proton Collider is the Allied ultimate weapon first introduced in the Third World War. 1 Background 2 Abilities 3 In-game 4 Trivia 5 References When the Soviets removed Albert Einstein from the space-time continuum, many of his great inventions were lost as well, including the Weather control device. Instead, Allied scientists created a brand new super weapon: the Proton Collider. It is a.
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A proton has a positive charge. They are found in the nucleus of an atom, along with neutrons. Their relative mass is 1.The number of protons is equal to the number of electrons in an atom, because an atom needs to have no overall charge Proton II PPA is being heavily modified to be more of an infantry point defense weapon and not a long range anti-infantry weapon. Fire rate increased from 150 RPM to 300 RPM; Reload speed decreased from 4 seconds to 2.5 seconds Reload speed certifications reduced from 120ms per rank to 100ms per rank

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